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Everyone is following the same strategy

May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

About a few months ago, I learned some Japanese candlesticks for cryptocurrency trading. And there are some shapes when they happen that mean that there is a rise, ie: Buy. And some forms when they occur mean that there is a fall in the currency, ie: sell or hold. In the first case, you will buy, and if “everyone wants to profit” and everyone of course knows the rise, who is the dumb who will sell you this? In the second case, you want to sell, and also “everyone does not want to lose”. Who is the dumb who would buy this from you? And with this logic, what are these shapes?

There is always something that happens naturally on a regular basis and causes regular results, but something happens based on “people’s minds” (buy / sell), ie: it is erratic. So how will the results be regular (up / down)?

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Yes everyone follows the same strategy buy low and sell high. And they don't even care about candlesticks. When they hold, it means they are just there waiting but are already on the sell order to be filled which these sellers must have bought at a cheaper price.

Who wants to sell when the price goes high? The answer, the ones who want to take profit. They could be the traders who learned pretty well in hopping from one coin to another.
3 days ago