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Ether Runs a Second Fiddle to Bitcoin Declared Shark Tank's Star

Ether Runs a Second Fiddle to Bitcoin Declared Shark Tank’s Star

In the words of Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank’s star, “Bitcoin will always be the gold, Ethereum will always be the silver”.

He added that Ether will remain subject to the trail blazer crytpto network- Bitcoin. Despite the huge Ether’s rally within the week, Kevin O’Leary strongly affirms that Bitcoin still ranks higher.

In his address to CNBC yesterday, Kevin stated that Ether was “always going to be number two” to Bitcoin despite its high valuation of more than  $2,600 at the moment of the interview to $2,700 and more at the time of release of this information. However, Bitcoin has witnessed instability in price appreciation and depreciation from $64,000 to $50, 000 within the month.

O’Leary opined that the rush into Bitcoin might have added to Ether’s rally in this recent time. The costly price of Ether presently  makes it difficult for it to be used as a “tracking and payment system”, he further stated. Nonetheless, ” Bitcoin will always be the gold, Ethereum will always be the silver. ”

Following his assertions, O’Leary had owned crypto for the past four years. A month ago, he had declared to give in 3% of his assets and investments into Bitcoin. This however, negates his initial idea that digital assets are “crypto crap” and Bitcoin is  “not a real currency”.

He further advocates for a continous lasting crypto mining as against unethical mining which he called “blood coins” peculiar with some cryptocurrencies in China. He further stated that his investments would solely be “clean” Bitcoin “under a mandate of 0 carbon.”


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