Overview: Buy Bitcoins With Credit Cards Instantly

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Added: February 16, 2021 (updated July 19, 2021)

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About eltraexchanger.com

We are a team of passionate blockchain enthusiasts who have come together to help you participate in this exciting new world.

More specifically, we developed a platform to help you buy and sell your favorite cryptocurrencies using a variety of (often unusual) payment methods.

The best part? You can do this faster and easier than ever before.

Our founders started EltarExchanger in 2017 after realizing the boundless potential of crypto. The goal was not to be the biggest or most popular exchange, but rather to become the most trusted and responsive platform on the market.

Is eltraexchanger.com paying, legit or scam?

The current status of eltraexchanger.com is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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Stay away from this site, I repeat stay away. This site is a huge scam I was also ripped off by them and I was in deep shit till a friend introduced cashretrieval01 @ gmail . com to me. They helped me recover my money without any form of upfront payment
1 month ago
I was in a substantial debt because I invested foolishly on a platform I never did my homework on and got my funds held..I was advised to contact anthencent investigative firm and I was able to get most of my coins out and my life together...I can never be so much grateful..Yes it’s possible to get your held up coins back and you can contact them via email on anthencentprivateinvestigativefirm.net @ protonmail. com
1 month ago
I have also been a victim of eltraexchanger. I got scammed 18,600 Euros. After loosing more money to lawyers in the process of getting my money back, I was finally able to recover my money with the help of  professional company named Scam-Inspect. Lesson learnt! Happy to share my experience. If you have been scammed by this company or if you have complain about any binary scam company feel free to reach them on the website “Scaminspect. c o m”.
2 weeks ago
It is possible to recover what you lost to scam brokers but most people don’t know this because they
are either not informed or they have been conned by a recovery expert.
Truth is there are only a few people who can pull this off and I was lucky to meet with one of them.
If you need help with this I suggest sending mail to Rapidrecovery230 at gmail com
I actually went to their office so they are 100% legit. Get the peace of mind you deserve
2 weeks ago