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Getting money nowadays is not as difficult as it used to be with the emergence of technology and digital currencies. While other cryptocurrencies seem to be making waves because of market speculation, Trons (TRX) also looks very promising as major companies are adopting it. Anyone trying to accumulate trons now is wise and one of the very effective ways of doing so easily is by investing through Eclipcity Global will multiply your trons until it gets to 310% of your deposit while you sit back and enjoy the profits. Apart from the 310% on deposit, you will also enjoy matching bonuses from your referrals. Overview hasn’t been too long on the internet but from the way it is structured to run, one may have hope that things will turn out to be favourable in the end. Several people have been convinced already and that is why we can see that the platform has already received deposits totaling about $19 million. The advantage of having so much money in its pool is that it helps Eclipcity Global pay matching bonuses just as they have promised. Hence, as an affiliate, you are not just doing some good to Eclipcity Global but also to yourself and the entire community of investors. Benefits

Insurance Covers You: 

Some of the money you deposit will be used to insure the investment. This is so important to keep the investment running so that more people can join for the benefit of everyone.

310% Interest Rate deducts some other fees from the Trons you deposit so that at the end of the day, what is left is just 82% of your deposit. It is this balance that goes to work and gives you 310% and the matching bonuses. But the reasons why they deduct from your deposit are important as some go to top sponsors that make the program robust. Some will be channeled to your referrer and you can also expect a similar treatment when you refer someone through your referral link. If you won’t have to do any other thing to get 310% of your TRX, then there is no reason to delay investing here.

Great Support is free for all to join. That is why it has created an opportunity on its website for non-English speakers to choose the language they best understand when browsing the website. Apart from language support, has a Telegram channel dedicated to support its members.

Multiple Investment Plans

There are different levels of investments here so that investors can earn more each time. However, one can decide to start with the minimum 500 TRX and grow the amount until it is suitable to invest in the next level. This can be considered as planning for the future.

Easy to Join

Investing TRX through is one of the easiest things to do because it is available to both android and desktop users. So, even if you don’t have a smart phone, you can register with your laptop and make your deposits instantly by following the steps outlined on the website. The steps are also shown below:

Referrers are Kings

Nobody can register on to earn TRX without using a referral link. This means as a member, you are sure that the person you told about will not ignore your efforts because it must be required of him or her to enter your name before progressing. This is one of the reasons why some money is deducted from the 100% deposit that you make. does this to encourage more funds into the pool for the benefit of all.

Huge Matching Bonuses

The matching bonuses are extraordinary. The payments are huge but has said it actually depends on the amount of funds that come into the system. If the platform pays more than it receives, the matching bonuses will be reduced. Up to 25 million TRX can be gotten from matching bonuses.



Download the Klever Wallet App and fund your TRX Wallet with a minimum of 525 TRX.
To download the Klever wallet App, go here:

1. Save your wallet 12 mnemonic word phrase.
2. Fund your wallet with TRX to join.
3. Go to Dapp browser in your wallet and copy and enter the link below
4. Select amount to deposit and click join.

HOW TO JOIN Trxchain in PC (Chrome Browser)

Use Tronlink extension on your chrome browser.

TronLink generates passwords, 12 mnemonic word phrase and private key for the security of your wallet.

To download you can visit

REMINDER: Make sure to add extension and pinned it to your browser.

How to connect Tronlink to smart contract?

1. Open your web browser with TronLink download
2. Enter sponsor referral link and click enter
3. Allow Tronlink wallet to connect to
4. Make sure to fund your wallet with TRX to join.
5. Put amount to deposit and click join.

If you need any help or more information, please join our fantastic Telegram Group here:
Let’s earn together, grow together and prosper together Conclusion is a good platform to earn Trons. With only 500 TRX, you too can be on your way to becoming a millionare. Notwithstanding, you are encouraged to embark on this if you won’t find losing 500 TRX a big blow to your financial stability because business, though worth taking, is always a risk.

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience. You can post your proof of payments too.

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✅ Date: 01-15-2021
✅ Amount: 450 TRX
✅ Hash ID: 59b782c742ce082f0eee2505b5ae31d435f84b834d56312b9e938a62ee1bc7b0
1 month ago
✅ Date: 02-07-2021
✅ Amount: 450 TRX
✅ Hash ID: 88a61ccbb4d1edbee451767a869f172bf82dde26d4cf3e35d1a51ca3e5e31696

3 weeks ago
✅ Date: 02-10-2021
✅ Amount: 450 TRX
✅ Hash ID: c6aec9394ae32c7cabb13886984c60f74dcad6682f1961daab2ab5b6b34bd39b

2 weeks ago
✅ Date: 02-14-2021
✅ Amount: 900 TRX
✅ Hash ID: fb82becb4efb4a5336cdb252e6fc069ed3e7d8d2c72c266cc9c139846fe9d9d1

2 weeks ago


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