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Earn-Crypto Review: Earn-Crypto.UK is a Terrible Crypto Scam!

Earn-Crypto Review: Earn-Crypto.UK is a Terrible Crypto Scam!

Today we are reviewing one of the worst scams in the cryptocurrency space. This company is promising clients insane returns within 24 hours. We can assure you that this is not true. Anyone who knows the cryptocurrency market will tell you that this is just a marketing ploy. The founders are promising these returns just to attract unsuspecting individuals.

Earn-Crypto Review: Earn-Crypto.UK is a Terrible Crypto Scam!

Unfortunately, there are too many companies like this one in the cryptocurrency market. The founders of such companies are only in the market to steal people’s funds. Sadly, this ruins the good name of the crypto market. There are legitimate companies that can help you invest in the cryptocurrency space.

The cryptocurrency market is very complex. You need to do proper research before investing in a company that promises you high returns. Luckily, we are here to help you with that. This review will help you get going with your own research. In the end, we will tell you why we think you should not invest here. Review does a terrible job of explaining what the company does. The website is very shallow and lacks any information that can help an investor make a purchasing decision. Basically, everything on is telling you to send the company money and nothing else.

Moreover, we do not know the strategy that this company uses in the market. Therefore, we see no reason to send these people our money. At the very least, we should know what happens to our money once we send it out. All they tell us is we should invest and wait for the profits. Other than that, we have no idea what happens in the background.

Earn-Crypto Review: Earn-Crypto.UK is a Terrible Crypto Scam!

Furthermore, even the customer support on this platform is terrible.  The only way to get in touch with the company is via email. To reach customer support, you can email the team at We all know that emails can go days without an answer.

This means that the company chooses who it should and should not respond to. Once they steal your funds, you will never hear from these people again.

Let’s now look at the investment plans that this company offers clients.

Earn-Crypto.UK Investment Plans

Unsurprisingly, this company offers some of the most expensive investment plans in the market. The minimum investment for their plans is $100, $500, $1000, and $2000, respectively. Each of this plans comes with a guaranteed profit within 24 hours. The profits guaranteed for each of these plans are 20%, 40%, 100%, and 300%.

Earn-Crypto Review: Earn-Crypto.UK is a Terrible Crypto Scam!

These are some of the most absurd profit guarantees we have seen. We can assure you that no company can replicate such returns in the cryptocurrency market. It is impossible to make such returns consistently in the crypto market. This is because the market is full of volatility. There can be a week of nothing but price drops.

This market volatility makes it hard to make any kind of guarantees. Additionally, mining is not a straightforward process. Mining hardness can drastically affect the cryptocurrency market. We can assure you that these are not professionals who know how the market works. Do not trust them with your money.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The payment options that a company supports can tell us a lot about the company. For instance, Earn-Crypto.UK only supports cryptocurrency payments. Sadly, this is a payment option that many scam operations use.

This is because cryptocurrency payments are between abstract addresses. It is very hard to associate a name with an address. As such, it is near impossible to trace your funds. Additionally, cryptocurrency payments are permanent. This means that it is impossible to recover your funds once you send them out.

Watch out for operations like this. They have no interest in making you money. The founders are only in it for the money. They are scammers who have no morals.

Earn-Crypto Regulation Status tells us that they are a regulated firm in the UK as Next Gain Limited. The company even provides the registration number 12330743. The body in charge of financial regulations in the UK is the Financial Conduct Authority. Luckily, it is very easy to query its registers for a company.

We went ahead and searched this company’s name on the FCA’s register. Additionally, we searched for the reference number the company provides. Unsurprisingly, none of the searches yielded any returns.

Earn-Crypto Review: Earn-Crypto.UK is a Terrible Crypto Scam!

This means that the FCA does not recognize this company as a legal entity. This is an illegal operation that has no merit. Investing in such unregulated entities will end up with you losing your funds.

Moreover, you should never trust a company that falsifies regulation information. There is no telling what such individuals are willing to do to get their hands on your money. You are better off keeping your money to yourself.

The People Behind Earn-Crypto.UK

It is very important to know the people behind the company you are investing in. That is the best way to determine what to expect from the company. Sadly, there is no information on whoever is running this operation. The only name on the website is collins fx. This is a pseudonym that practically anyone in the world could be using.

You should never invest in any company operated by anonymous individuals. It is very easy to lose your funds to such companies. Moreover, such individuals hide their identities so that no one can track them down. No legitimate company sees the need to hide the identities of its founders.

The location of this company is also a mystery. The address they provide on the website does not make any sense. It is just a random location that you cannot pinpoint on a map. Run while you still can. This company has nothing good to offer you.

Domain Insight

The official domain for this company is The registration of this domain was on the 17th of September 2020. Clearly, this company is still new. Such a company is still making mistakes in the market. You are better off waiting off new companies before you invest your hard-earned cash.

Moreover, the website’s registration expires after only one year. This shows that the company does not plan to stick around for long. This is common in fraudulent operations. They take out short registrations and exit the market when the registration expires. You do not want to be part of such a company. They will take off with your money, and you will have no one to run to.

Should You Invest In Earn-Crypto.UK?

The answer to that question is a firm no. This is a company with anonymous founders. On top of that, the company only supports cryptocurrency deposits. Investing here will be like throwing your money into a fire pit.

Moreover, these people are providing investment services without an FCA license. The founders did not care enough to acquire a regulatory license. This is an illegal operation without merit. The only thing that this company has is a website. Nothing more. There is no proof of payment. The transactions on the website are entirely fabricated.

If you are looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, there are better companies that will offer you better services. Sign Up to Binance to start enjoying professional services from a trustworthy cryptocurrency company.


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