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Citybuildtrade - 3% daily for 100 days

Overview: Plan 1 - 20%, Plan 2 - 35%, Plan 3 - 50%

Alexa Traffic Rank: 7,589,900

Monitored: 101 days

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Digi Trade is an investment company, which was founded by a team of distinguished professional financial managers, analyst and experienced developers who came together to create a universal platform for cryptocurrency lovers worldwide.


$30 – $99-Profit: 20% ROI in 24 hours

Package goal: 100%
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time

$100 – $499
Trading Profit: 35% ROI in 24 hours
Package goal: 300%
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time

$500 – $999
Trading Profit: 50% ROI after 2 days
Package goal: 900%
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time

$1,000 – UNLIMITED
Trading Profit: 100% ROI after 2 days
Package goal: UNLIMITED
Withdrawal of Profit: at any time
24/7 Customer Care Review

Date Added
TaglinePlan 1 - 20%, Plan 2 - 35%, Plan 3 - 50%
Alexa Traffic Rank7,589,900

Is paying, legit or scam?

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19 thoughts on “”

  1. Alexanderr avatar Alexanderr says:

    EARNING is very easy but first don’t choose the wrong platform.. digitrades pays

  2. Palesa avatar Palesa says:

    I am new in digitrades and i am happy already,, just wow. i got paid good 3 times, i have found good one

    1. Alexanderr avatar Alexanderr says:

      you are welcome.. we have seen a lot of positive results here.

  3. welcome to a company where transparency is a tradition
    welcome to
    the telegram is open for everyone your earning journey is about to start too

  4. Thandiwe avatar Thandiwe says:

    I doubt if there’s a company that can offer the kind of services this company gives to us

  5. Cynthia avatar Cynthia says:

    lols. in crypto space. RED means BUY MORE. besides digitrades is doing very well at the moment, the dipping market is not affecting me negatively… the more bitcoin price goes down, i keep placing new withdrawals from digi. i think we are safe

  6. Alexanderr avatar Alexanderr says:

    another successful withdrawal received, even when crypto is down it does not bother me. once i can invest here with USDT and continue to earn. I am well

  7. Alexanderr avatar Alexanderr says:

    I received my withdrawals here quicker, my only recommended platform, it is peaceful here, i am always amazed on how fast paying it can be

  8. It gladdens my heart to see how organised this platform is
    No spam
    No scam
    I must testify I have earned a whole lot of money here
    And I will encourage every other persons to get involved, this is a good company
    Lets keep earning
    registration link
    join the telegram channel

  9. Sandra12 avatar Sandra12 says:

    I am surprised to see a company that is still paying now. thank you so well. I will stay here and make profits, cheers…

  10. Thandiwe avatar Thandiwe says:

    This is a good company to invest, oh wow..
    I Just got paid again and continuously

  11. Ericwaldd avatar Ericwaldd says:

    my best trust is here
    an amazing company

  12. Thandiwe avatar Thandiwe says:

    great company
    good opportunity

  13. Harriisonn avatar Harriisonn says:

    they are paying
    i successfully got paid

    1. Do they ask for insurance fee

  14. i keep getting paid here. they are real good

  15. Biatoll avatar Biatoll says:

    I have invested with them.
    And i got my withdrawal succesfull.
    It’s a good place for making profit.

    1. Do it still paying and what about insurance fee

      1. Thato says:

        Do I have to pay for withdrawal fee?

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