Defrauded Crypto Customers Are Still Confident That The Trade Is Licit.

Defrauded Crypto Customers Are Still Confident That The Trade Is Licit.

Some South Koreans who fell for the $3.6 billion crypto scam still find it hard to believe it’s fake. To this end, they have refused to cooperate with police as they are still hopeful that the scheme will yield a lot of gain.Dragon;a Korea based legal company registered a complaint against V Global firm and their top officials for the sake of 140 crypto stakeholders.

The legal firm also involved the local police in the case which was about the aforementioned company involvement in a fraudulent scheme with 69,000 persons loosing $3.6 billion. The scheme was predicated on the promise that the Stakeholders will get thrice of their investment.The firm has however repudiated the accusation and in effect registered a complaint with the Seocho Police for libel and for being hindered in their operations.

JoongAng Daily on June 8 reported in a write up that some of those affected in the crypto ruse has unexpectedly declined from officially reporting the case.The police is said to have forayed the 22 offices of V Global and confiscated $214 million of their assets according to the JoongAng Daily write up.

Anonymous told the media house that his mum was a victim of the ruse. He said that the mum received a message from the company reassuring her that they were not under police scrutiny. The unknown man said that the same trick was employed on other stakeholders to prevent them from reporting to officials.

Apart from the sale of their token, V Global stated that for anyone who put in 6 million won equivalent to $5381 would make thrice of the initial capital which they will get after a six months period.A police officer told the above mentioned news agency that the company tried to replicate crypto exchange forum but in reality was a fraudulent firm.

Yonhap media outlet reported that the firm promised extra tip of 1.2 million won to investors who would bring others. It was reported that the investigated firm used the finance from new members to pay old customers as benefits.If the evidence against the firm is verified as true, it would be one of the highest crypto ruse experienced in recent times in like manner with OneCoin several billion fraud scheme of 2015.


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