Decentralized offshore payment system now on Algorand for efficient trading

Decentralized offshore payment system now on Algorand for efficient trading

Two past PayPal staff in the area of technology and trade have built an offshore network for more effective and trustworthy transactions. According to David Garcia, the Chief Executive Officer of Borderless Capital, exacerbating offshore trade has not been performed in history using controlled stablecoins as fiat on-chain.

In today’s statement, Six Clovers, a fintech facility company, acknowledged that it had already deployed its RAPID system that links fund providers, vendors, and banks, and enable users to trade using legal tenders and online currencies. This network created by the past PayPal staff, Nas Kavian and Jim Nguyen, was supported by Borderless Capital. The system which uses the idea of stablecoin for fiat is designed on the Algorand network.

Steve Kokinos, the Algorand Chief Executive Officer, stated that Six Clovers is developing a link between the local and decentralized systems of finance, which increases accessibility to another level of online services and stocks.

The new system alleges that its network is a substitute to the SWIFT program for offshore transactions that are used by payment providers. The system makes use of USD Coin as fiat on the Algorand network, it renders P2P trades, and supposedly controls about forty-six thousand operations in a second.

According to Garcia, the system will lead to a high acceptance rate of blockchain by vendors, money providers, and banks when they discover the importance of embracing the digital era.

Algorand stated that as of the last two months its network is completely carbon neutral. The system has executed a ‘sustainability oracle’ in collaboration with ClimateTrade to witness the authenticity of its carbon tread and preserve the corresponding price of carbon values into a new treasury.


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