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Overview: $12.90 for 1Th/s for 180 days

Alexa Traffic Rank: 43,267

Monitored: 498 days

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About is a cryptocurrency cloud mining (Bitcoin, Litecoin) platform that offers $12.90 for 1Th/s for 180 days as minimal contract. Cloud Mining enable users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing a hardware.

CryptoUniverse was created by genuine crypto enthusiasts. We do believe in the crypto economy and decentralization and unlimited opportunities provided by them. We enjoy the importance and innovations brought by blockchain technology and working hard on the development of cryptocommunity. CryptoUniverse was established in the Spring of 2017. The founders gathered together the most experienced crypto, IT and engineering professionals. The main force of the CryptoUniverse is its team – vast experience and high skills in different blockchain-related spheres united by the one goal to create the most powerful infrastructure and to make it available for everyone.

Plans: $12.90 for 1Th/s for 180 days, $17.90 for 1Th/s for 365 days, $18.40 for 1Th/s for 730 days, $16.90 for 1Th/s for 365 days, $19.90 for 1Th/s for 730 days, $24.90 for 1Th/s for 1095 days, $29.90 for 1Th/s until 1 January 2025.

Min. Deposit: 35$

Referral Commission: 8% up to 12%

Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency Wallet, Paypal Review

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Tagline$12.90 for 1Th/s for 180 days
Alexa Traffic Rank43,267
StatusNot Paying

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