Bitcoloan Ad Review: An Outrageous Cryptocurrency Scam Review: An Outrageous Cryptocurrency Scam

Cryptofxtrading is one of the newest scams in the market. With a one-year life expectancy, you cannot rely on this company to stick around for long. The founders took out a one-year registration for their website for a reason. They will take investors’ money and disappear. Do not trust these individuals with your hard-earned cash. Review: An Outrageous Cryptocurrency Scam

This company is busy promising people unreasonably high returns in the cryptocurrency market. Companies that promise such high returns are scammers who know nothing about the cryptocurrency market. They are only trying to attract eager investors.

Before you invest your money in cryptofxtrading, we urge you to read this full review. You will understand why we insist that these people are not trustworthy. You are better off investing in companies that have a proven track record.

Invest only in legitimate cryptocurrency investment ventures that can help you protect and grow your funds. Such companies have the trust of thousands of investors for a reason. Review

One thing we notice right off the bat is the unprofessionalism of the people behind this company. The website even has spelling mistakes. This means that they do not continually monitor their platform. Otherwise, they would notice the mistakes and fix them. Such a company always lags behind when it comes to strategies in the market.

The company promises clients access to various markets including the forex and binary markets. Nonetheless, the primary market this company trades in is the cryptocurrency market. Beyond that, there is nothing else we know about this company. The founders do not reveal the strategy they use in the market. They are just promising high returns without insight.

Furthermore, these people do not seem to know what they are doing. They are claiming to offer forex credit cards. But they do not tell clients the process of acquiring one. It seems that this company provides itself for lacking transparency.

Interestingly, there was no platform for us to access. It seems this company wants to invest in thin air and rumours. They want you to invest and wait. Meanwhile, we do not know who their account managers are. Additionally, we have no idea what their trading history looks like.

Cryptofxtrading Investment Plans

There are four main investment plans on Cryptofxtrading. These include Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D. The minimum investment for these plans is $1,000 while the maximum is $100,000. These are some of the most expensive investment plans in the market. Review: An Outrageous Cryptocurrency Scam

Still, the firm does not give us much insight into what each of these plans has to offer. All the company does is promise massive returns. The smallest account guarantees clients a 25% profit in 24 hours. On the other hand, the largest account promises a 100% return after 48 hours.

There is no information on the leverage or spreads forex traders get in the market. These people know it is pointless to mention the trading conditions. After all, their only interest is to convince people to send them funds. Moreover, there is no trading platform. Nothing good can come out of this company.

Cryptofxtrading Payment Options

Cryptofxtrading claims to support Perfect Money, Payeer, Credit and Debit card payments, and Cryptocurrency payments. However, the transaction data the company provides on the home page are mainly bitcoin transactions. This company is trying to convince investors to use a payment option that puts their money at risk.

Don’t get us wrong. Cryptocurrency payments are revolutionary and a great invention. But they pose a huge risk to investors, especially when dealing with shady entities. Crypto payments do not allow you to trace nor recover your funds. As such, your money will be at the mercy of these individuals.

Ensure you are only using payment options that you are comfortable with. If you choose crypto payments, ensure you are dealing with a legitimate company.

Cryptofxtrading Regulation Status

Cryptofxtrading claims to operate from the UK. The body in charge of financial regulations in the UK is the Financial Conduct Authority. Luckily, it is very easy to query a company on its register.

We went ahead and searched this company’s name on the FCA register. We were not shocked to not find any results. It is safe to say that this firm is operating without a regulatory license. This is an illegal operation in most jurisdictions. Review: An Outrageous Cryptocurrency Scam

The only document that this company provides is a registration certificate. Interestingly, even the registration number on the certificate belongs to a different company. The lies this company is willing to tell are limitless.

You should never invest in an unregulated company. It always ends in a bad way. Remember that regulatory bodies are there to protect investors from criminal operations. They keep companies in check to ensure they meet legal requirements.

Without regulations, there is no telling what a company might do. If you lose your money to such a firm, you will have no one to turn to. Moreover, regulatory bodies always warn against investing in such institutions. You will be on your own should you choose to invest.

The People Behind Cryptofxtrading

Like many other shady operations, this company does not introduce us to any of its team members. There are no names nor faces to associate with the platform. This lack of transparency is common in scam operations.

There are too many risks involved in sending your money to mysterious people on the Internet. Only scammers see the need to conceal their identities. Professionals will always reveal who they are. Moreover, this would help in gaining the trust of investors. Why wouldn’t a company just do it?

The only explanation is that this is an illegal operation. These people do not want the law to track them down. Additionally, they don’t want anyone to report their names to the authorities. You should not trust any company that is not transparent with you.

Customer Testimonials

There are two customer testimonials on We performed a reverse image search for the profiles of these individuals. Unfortunately, these are not real people. The company is using stock images to represent its customers. There are no real people using the services of this company. Review: An Outrageous Cryptocurrency Scam

Moreover, our search revealed an even darker fact. These stock images are in use by over ten identical websites. The only difference between these websites is the names. We suspect the same people are behind these operations. Even after one shuts down, they have more than ten other platforms.

These are not good people with your best interest at heart. Avoid this company like the plague.


Evidently, this is a scam operation looking to steal people’s funds. The people behind this company are hiding their faces for a reason. They do not want anyone to track them down. After all, they are offering financial services without a regulatory license. Such a company cannot assure you of your funds’ safety. In fact, they will be the ones to steal your funds. The website is full of lies that have no merit.

Do yourself a favour and invest only in legitimate cryptocurrency investment companies. Such companies have proven track records and operate with full professionalism. They will help you gain reasonable returns in the market without compromising your funds’ safety.


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