Crypto Userbase in Turkey has Grown by 1000%

Crypto Userbase in Turkey has Grown by 1000%

After a recently conducted survey in Turkey, it is now obvious that the ideologies people held about crypto are no longer the same.

The number of people in Turkey that are using crypto this year is at least 11 times what it was last year.

The survey was tagged “Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Survey 2021.” After the one that was done in 2020, a follow-up happened this year to compare the result between the people’s perspectives for the two consecutive years.

Last year, it was surprising to note that out of more than 6,000 people that got the questionnaires, 7 out of 1000 ticked yes to trading crypto.

However, it’s a completely different situation this year in Turkey as 77 out of 1000 respondents said they trade cryptocurrencies including BTC. This means 1000% increase on last year’s figure.

It was also obtained from the survey that a good number of people are now actively involved in the things that concern crypto. Paribu exchange gave a picture of crypto acceptance by comparing the userbase last year which was 600,000 to that of this year which now stands at over 4 million.

Most of those that joined crypto exchanges and trading platforms this year were drawn by the profits recorded by those who were already in it. Close to 25% of those using crypto now like it because it is linked to technology. However, more than 80 out of 100 of them do not know about blockchain.

Yasin Oral who is the head at Paribu exchange company hinted that more people joined this year because of the price rallies and crypto awareness campaigns in the country. In fact, he is of the opinion that more people would have been on the platform if not that some scammers carted away investors’ hard earned money in the name of investment.

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