Crypto sector having difficulty finding employable candidates given the sector's growth

Crypto sector having difficulty finding employable candidates given the sector’s growth

Given the limited number of skilled labour in the crypto sector, crypto companies are contending in order to fill-up job openings.

Crypto companies are competing with one another in the bid to employ the best suited candidate for jobs.

A report by Bloomberg stated that as cryptocurrency companies look to widen their reach globally, they are also having difficulty finding the needed candidates to employ.

This competition that exists within crypto firms also extends to other financial companies seeking to incorporate crypto operations into their businesses.

Fintech companies and companies that offer technological services are delving into crypto and this further increases the competition for skilled labour in the sector.

The owner of a company that hires workers in crypto, Dundon Neil, has remarked on the difficulty experienced by companies in finding the right person for a position. Even though more jobs offers are available in the digital currency sector, there are not enough well-skilled individuals. For example, Apple recently announced a job offer requiring a minimum record of 5 years in alternative payment like crypto and an experience of 10 years.

He also said employers now reduce the required experience and skills as some now say 1 or 2 years of experience is okay since there is a shortage of skilled labour.

Reports show that Institutions of learning currently offer courses on Crypto in order to close the gap in skills in the sector.

Crypto companies now allow people work remotely in certain positions. This helps to widen the skill pool available to them and qualified candidates can work from foreign countries.

The scramble for limited skills has compelled crypto companies to equal or increase salaries and make better offers so as to win over the qualified experts.


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