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Coinsbit is a renowned multi cryptocurrency exchange platform allows users to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency using the available pairs.

Supported Main Coins: Coinsbit Supports BTC, ETH, and USD.

Getting started with Coinsbit: Any person can register a free account on Coinsbit just by providing a few personal details like Email, password. After confirming the verification email a user can set up its account and can start deposit funds to its account.

Know Your Client: All users who like to deposit or withdraw funds on Coinsbit are required to complete the KYC (Know Your Client) verification. It’s a typical verification for all wallets wherein we can deposit funds for withdrawal at a later date. KYC verification generally takes around 24 hours for acceptance or rejection.

Listing of Coins or Tokens: This makes Coinsbit a very unique multi cryptocurrency exchange platform because here we can list our coins or tokens. But there are a few requirements for listing which are as follow:

  1. Our proposed project should have a website containing detailed information about the project.
  2. Official Reddit and Bitcointalk threads for our project.
  3. All such requested are reviewed in a week and informed for rejection or acceptance.

Safe and Secure: It’s a very safe and secure format for all traders and Coinsbit tries to adopt all such measures to make it the most versatile network and multi cryptocurrency exchange platform. Coinsbit makes it obligatory for the members to enable the two-factor authentication for payment of amount above or equivalent to $500.

Two-factor authentications really help the investors in making their accounts safe and free from any risk of fraud or hacking. Coinsbit ensures the security of all traders and clients which increases the confidence of users to invest and exchange on Coinsbit. With its safe and secure system, Coinsbit can transact up to 10000 trades every second.

Coinsbit ensures the storage of more than 95 % on cold wallets and adopts the Web Application Firewall (WAF). It’s a protective screen of web presentations which detects and blocks all hack attacks.

Cases when a Payment can be delayed: There can be a few cases when a payment can be delayed and it shows the value of two-factor authentication.

  1. Rejection in Know your Client (KYC) verification.
  2. User Passed know your Client (KYC) verification but didn’t enable the two-factor authentication and the requested payment amount is above or equivalent to $500.
  3. Payment amount exceeds 100,000 dollars after passing know your Client (KYC) verification and enabled the two-factor authentication.

Multilanguage Support: Coinsbit is a unique platform which provides a highly responsive 24 X 7 Multilanguage support in different languages which support English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish and German. Users can switch the website to Hindi and Filipino language as well which makes it easier for users from all around the world to access the website.

Referral Program: Coinsbit has a very attractive referral program wherein payments are sent every month and is charged in the same currency in which the commission is charged.

Is paying, legit or scam?

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