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Coinbase wallet is now available on Google Chrome

Coinbase wallet is now available on Google Chrome

Another brave step has been taken to enable an easy and simple connection to many decentralized Apps and finance through a desktop computer. Owners of Coinbase, a digital currency exchange, can with ease connect to a DApps via the Google Chrome.

Yesterday, May 17, Coinbase made a pronouncemt that the new browser extension can be accesed on Goggle Chromre. According to Sid Coelho-Prabhu, Coinbase wallet lead, over a million Coinbase Wallet users most often make use of Apps such as Uniswap and Compound. This new development is to simplify the process of connection, discarding the scanning of QR code on a mobile phone whenever there’s need for a connection.

According to Coelho-Prabhu, it’s free and easy to access the Dapps on a desktop, once your Wallet account is connected to the extension.

This new development encourages transactions on a decentralized exchange and taking NFTs. It also upholds some Apps such as Aave, OpenSea, Synthetic, etc.

Following CoinGecko records, the recent transactions with Coinbase Pro platform processed close to $10.6 billion, which affirms Coinbase among the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, with Binance ranking highest.

Coinbase has been recorded as the number one major exchange that requested for an open collection. Last month, Its COIN shares hit the Nasdaq, and similar to the recent supply, it witnessed drastic uncertainties within a short while, with little or no trading record, having depreciated beyond $250.


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