Coinbase Aims Big with Crypto App Store and Others

Coinbase Aims Big with Crypto App Store and Others

Coinbase is aiming to become more popular as it now has the intention to bring up other products such as a crypto app store. The app store will focus on products developed by other crypto developers.

The plan was announced some hours ago on the exchange’s blog by the CEO himself. Among the reasons why this has become expedient, the CEO said it is to encourage the rapid adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies.

“Apple didn’t attempt to build every app for the iPhone, it empowered developers and gave mobile users an easy way to access new innovative apps. We need to do the same in crypto.”

Brian the CEO is of the mindset that this will ease the numerous economic activities that happen daily in the crypto market.

In the blogpost, Coinbase also made known its other plans which include adding more crypto assets to its platform, hastening the addition of new listings by bringing down the period for their legal reviews and taking some to the “experimental zone” which will soon be created. More so, instead of asking 70 questions for any prospective listing, it will now take just 12 questions to do the same.

Although Coinbase may not list many assets according to its standard, it promises to offer wallets to them.

Brian Armstrong also noted that it is in Coinbase’s plan to serve everyone on the planet earth. He said that even though the exchange is presently serving just a few regions, it has got plans to expand into several countries.

Coinbase hasn’t stopped dreaming big despite seeing its counterparts forced out of their domains in many countries. It hasn’t been long since the FCA in the U.K. decided that Binance would no longer operate in the country.

Similarly, in China, Huobi has stopped being of help to Chinese crypto enthusiasts for their derivative products and has also extended the disservice to U.K. retail traders.

Two months ago, Bybit and Kucoin were reprimanded in Ontario for disobeying its security laws. As if that was not enough, Bybit was also summoned by the Financial Services Agency of Japan in May.


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