CNN Joins the NFT market with ‘moments’ on sale

CNN Joins the NFT market with ‘moments’ on sale

CNN is about to join NFTs to represent some of its past experiences including traveling to space, events from one technology to another, and elections into various key positions. CNN will be the next if it does this after Fox and Time magazine joined the NFT market.

The work is known with the theme: “Vault by CNN: Moments that changed us”. CNN is preparing a token based on what happened from 1960. There is also going to be a vault for buying and storing the tokens.

CNN is yet to clearly define the part of its history that will be taken into tokens. However, it mentioned that the tokenization will cover CNN major events, world history, and how presidents were voted into power.
The first phase of the plan will have weekly events for up to 6 weeks beginning from the last days in June. NFTs will come in open and limited editions.

CNN will achieve this mission by using the Flow blockchain, which has been the blockchain of choice to the body because it doesn’t  require so much energy. NBA Top Shot also uses the Flow blockchain.

If anyone is interested in buying the NFTs, the person would have to own an account on CNN’s vault so as to enable him or her to save some ‘moments’. You don’t need crypto to buy ‘moments’ but you can use credit cards which would be processed by Stripe.

Another entity that is working with CNN to make this a success is Infinite Objects. Their main role here is to make the NFT screen-friendly so that it can be seen offline.

The good news is that CNN has news online that can keep one engaged for 700,000 hours non-stop. They can become anyone’s property even now.

The NFT market has been a home to many other news agencies this year.

CNN’s decision to join NFT is coming after Fox Corp announced yesterday that it was going to earmark $100 million for creating content in addition to its cartoon-like presentations on TV.


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