Capital International’s Investment in MicroStrategy Climbs to about $600M

Capital International’s Investment in MicroStrategy Climbs to about $600M

The value of Microstrategy’s stock got to $628.44 after appreciating by 1.5%. As this happened, the value of shares owned by Capital International became valued at $600 million.

Capital International set the ball rolling at MicroStrategy with a little above $500M.

When MicroStrategy reported to the U.S. SEC for the period between April and June this year, it revealed that Capital International bought 953,242 shares from it. After the report to the SEC, MicroStrategy’s share rose by 1.5% per unit as it climbed to $628.44. At that time, Capital International’s investment rose to nearly $600M.

According to the report presented by MicroStrategy, Capital International was never in the picture until the second quarter of the year.

MicroStrategy was detailed last year about the level of trust it had about BTC when it pronounced its intention to buy above $250M worth of it. Later on, the firm bought 105, 085 BTC which is presently around $3.5 billion. Although the firm recently acquired even more Bitcoins, the price of the coin has not changed significantly.

In June, MicroStrategy planned to increase the value of its shares but it just didn’t work. The plan was to get funds through public offerings so that it could realize $400 million for investments. It later got $500M and so bought a lot of Bitcoins amounting to $489M but even after that, its shares depreciated by over 2%.


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