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Overview: Btcz Token Is Built On bch Blockchain

Alexa Traffic Rank: 635,097

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About Btcz.Rocks

This Wallet Allows You To Store Btcz ( Bch BSed Tokens ) And Other Crypto Coins .

Bch Blockchain :-

The Btcz Token Is Built On bch Blockchain And Has Same As Btc Supply

Block Rewards :-

The Coin Has Block Rewards Of 12500 Tokens

Block Time :-

Each Block Is Mined Every 2.5 Minutes

Features :-

All Transactions Are Anonymous

Exchanges :-

Listed On Exchanges

Crex 24 , Btc – Alpha

Features :-

– Built On The Native Bitcoin technology.
– Bitcoin has all transactions publicly available , Btcz Has Too But Owner Can See Only Full Details
– Decentralized GPU mining (hardforks to prevent ASIC miners are allowed)
– Decentralized development / All contributors are volunteers and able to get equivalent rewards based on effort .
– Big blocks -> blocks are similar to BCH and are completed in 2.5 minutes each
Available To Store 55+ Coins .
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Btcz.Rocks Review

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TaglineBtcz Token Is Built On bch Blockchain
Alexa Traffic Rank635,097

Is Btcz.Rocks paying, legit or scam?

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