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About is an online investment platform where people can turn their savings into a bogus amount of money that can be suitable to undertake a big project. The reason is simple; Bruxis undertakes several projects that make them easily realize profits. Some of the projects they are so good at include cryptocurrency trading, Forex trading, and exchange of funds for big companies where they have to cut a percentage as their commission. When a potential investor deposits some money with them, Bruxis gets more capital to carry out these tasks effectively so the investor gets rewarded in return with some of the profits made. Bruxis also makes profits easily with the use of their trading robots. is officially known as Bruxis PTY Limited and has the number, 641521511, which proves it to be an Australian company. Bruxis PTY Limited is limited by shares. Overview

Bruxis understands the power of the social media in keeping their clients informed about their activities. That is why on the top of the page, you will see links that lead to their Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, and Kakao group chat. A video introduction on what you can expect from belonging to is on the home page. You may visit the site to see it for yourself.

Making money from Forex and cryptocurrency trading has never been easy and may be rightly said to be an exclusive right for those with a huge capital. This is why turning your savings into an investment is the best you can do for yourself as the year is just in the first quarter especially if you have got some financial targets to meet. Benefits

Low Minimum Deposit

You cannot compare the cost of starting up your own crypto and forex trading business with the $25 minimum deposit required for you to start earning something on Apart from that, profits are sent to you every day, from Monday to Friday. In BTC and ETH, you can deposit at least 0.001 BTC and 0.01 ETH to start enjoying passive income.

Juicy Investment Plans

Bruxis has decided not to be stingy with the profits they make so instead of keeping a large share of their gains, they thought it wise to develop a profit plan for their clients’ benefits. There are six investment plans as shown below:

  • Standard plan that pays 1% profit daily in USDT for 21 business days
  • Prime plan that pays 1.3% profit daily in USDT for 31 business days
  • Origin plan that pays 1.6% profit daily in USDT for 41 business days
  • Professional plan that pays 1.9% profit daily in USDT for 51 business days
  • Ultimate plan that pays 2.2% profit daily in USDT for 61 business days
  • Extra plan that pays 2.5% profit daily in USDT for 71 business days

Note that also accepts BTC and ETH deposits and pay interests higher than that of USDT deposits. So, if you would like to take advantage of the ever increasing value of these cryptocurrencies, you may rather invest with the coins.

Low Minimum Withdrawals

You can withdraw your funds when it is up to 15 USDT or 0.001 BTC or 0.02 ETH. This means the higher deposit one makes here, the faster the withdrawal process will commence.

Referral Commission

The good thing about Bruxis is that it pays you for inviting others whether you have a running investment or not. However, there is an added advantage to those who have registered new members with their affiliate links. Without any running investment, your referral commission will be 4%, 2%, 1% for three levels. This is known as the B0 career path on You will begin to get bonuses when you have a minimum deposit of $200 by yourself and your downlines have contributed nothing less than $5,000.  At this stage, your referral bonus also increases to 5%, 2%, and 1%. As more and more people register through your link and you also increase your own deposit, more bonuses are given to you out of which half can be withdrawn straight to your wallet and the other half deposited into an investment plan where you will gain 1% daily for 21 days. A look at the chart will help you know what to do in case you are interested in growing your career level to B8.

24/7 All-Round Support

Bruxis has a phone number, email, and online chat for easy communication.

Conclusion is one of the highest paying online investment platforms out there. It gives you the ease of accumulating BTC and ETH by starting from the scratch. The affiliate program is also a mouthwatering offer and can be done by anyone who has good networking skills. Although everything looks good with Bruxis, we still recommend that you only invest what you are capable of losing without regrets.

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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The amount of 8 USD has been deposited to your account.
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