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Invested: $500.00 | Payout: $24192.78 | ROI:4839% - 3% up to 5% daily for 30-40 days
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Payout2021-10-29 12:14:10$152.99Paid by schedule
Payout2021-10-28 18:36:23$268.48Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-10-17 18:51:44$51.00Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-10-12 12:01:04$161.62Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-10-07 13:27:24$37.60Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-09-30 8:44:03$448.28Our Investment
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Payout2021-09-28 10:07:45$193.95Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-09-15 17:23:11$379.42Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-09-13 14:25:15$372.58Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-08-23 9:42:41$161.25Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-21 17:44:09$118.08Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-20 9:16:58$86.78Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-18 19:30:36$173.78Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-17 10:58:11$139.33Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-15 19:50:25$122.00Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-14 10:12:48$103.00Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-13 9:02:50$123.00Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-11 17:21:22$156.88Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-10 12:58:08$96.51Paid by schedule
Payout2021-08-08 16:21:35$62.00Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-07-28 11:58:39$12.00Paid by schedule
Spend2021-07-27 9:50:57$300.00Our Investment
Payout2021-07-26 16:31:00$12.00Paid by schedule
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Payout2021-05-03 11:10:28$4.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-05-01 6:55:29$5.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-04-29 6:48:48$4.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-04-27 9:48:57$4.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-04-25 6:49:30$4.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-04-21 7:21:44$4.00Paid instantly!
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Payout2021-03-09 12:17:02$5.50Paid instantly!
Payout2021-03-06 11:01:05$6.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-03-02 9:44:55$5.25Paid instantly!
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Payout2021-02-26 8:52:41$4.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-02-24 11:20:21$5.00Paid instantly!
Payout2021-02-22 8:23:36$4.00Paid instantly!
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Payout2020-06-22 16:46:07$10.75Paid by schedule
Spend2020-06-21 5:56:24$200.00Our Investment

About is a high yield investment program or HYIP that offers 1% daily for 180 days as minimal profit for investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.

Plans: 1% daily for 180 days, 2% daily for 90 days, 3% daily for 60 days, 4% daily for 45 days, 5% daily for 36 days, 6% daily for 30 days

Minimum Deposit:  $25

Referral Commission: 3 Levels: 5% – 0.5% – 0.5%

Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

This is what it says on website:

Bright Right Investments is a mix of a team of developers, managers, engineers and financiers involved in Forex technology. The platform provides an opportunity to receive stable and reliable income for program participants and their partners. Review

Date Added
Investment Plan1% daily for 180 days
Alexa Traffic Rank139,638
StatusNot Paying

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is Not Paying. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience.


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