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Bridge Oracle CEO arrested for the purchase of Jack's maiden tweet as an NFT.

Bridge Oracle CEO arrested for the purchase of Jack’s maiden tweet as an NFT.

According to report, Iranian Cyber Police have taken to legal custody Sina Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle, and also taken hold of his Twitter account.

This claim was adduced from a tweet pinned to his account which remarked that, by order of Special Court for Economic Crime, Estavi has been detained for economic system disruption. Same tweet can be seen on the authorized account of a Tron Network-based system, Bridge Oracle, as well as the Cryptoland’s Twitter account.

Following the record from TradingView as of time of publication, the cost of Bridge Oracle’s native token (BRG), has depreciated by over 65 percent.

Although Bridge Oracle is known as a Malaysia-based blockchain company, Estavi has another undertaking — cryptocurrency exchange Cryptoland — which was Iran-based.

Sina is well known for his angered conflict with Justin Sun, a tech entrepreneur and Tron CEO,  to purchase Jack Dorsey’s maiden tweet on March 2006 as an NFT. He finally succeeded and bought the NFT for over $2 900 000, or 1,630 Ether, and  Dorsey exchanged the net revenue to Bitcoin of equal value, which he gave in support of a charity foundation in Africa.

Before now, it was reported that Estavi was petitioned to court by Mate Tokay, the former CEO of, for not paying him for the services he rendered. Tokay went further to state that the actual BRG supplied consistently varied from the supposed provision made.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed, as we wait for additional information from the Official Judicial authorities, and reactions from Bridge Oracle.


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