Blockware Mining Realizes $25 million to Boost its Mining by 200% and more

Blockware Mining Realizes $25 million to Boost its Mining by 200% and more

Blockware mining got $25 million during its last fund raising campaign.

This is the second time Blockware is raising funds. The announcement was made on Thursday, July 1.

The fundraising was conducted to grant Blockware the wherewithal to grow its bitcoin mining centers in Kentucky and to purchase up to 8,000 mining rigs for the Paducah campus where 5 acres of land was recently bought.

Blockware organized a fundraising campaign earlier and used its proceeds to buy up to 14,000 rigs.

At the moment, 1 out of 10 of the total mining operations worldwide is located in the U.S. Blockware wants to raise the number by being a distributor of mining power in the U.S.

The main aim of Blockware is to raise its current global hashrate by more than 200% per annum. Presently, Blockware has a total mining power of 0.3 exahashes per second. This means that in just one second, Blockware is responsible for mining one quintillion coins.

Blockware wants to be known all over the world for granting solutions for bitcoin  mining. The goal set for June/July 2022 is to reach 1 exahash.

Blockware said to the press that more people than expected turned up for the fund raising. This shows that many people now trust their products.

Blockware’s past performance in fund raising made it realize $7 million. With this new $25 million, the total is now $32 million.

You can count Kentucky residents as one of those that get electric supply at very affordable rates. Mining activities affect the price of the coin; for example the value of the coin will appreciate if the cost for mining it rises..

Blockware said one of the hindrances to its expansion has been the inability to create a good rapport with other local communities through their governments. Now, that may soon be gone as Blockware is penetrating the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

A lot has happened this week alone. Earlier in the week, the news was that Binance was leaving China due to its latest regulatory rules. According to Crypto Head, the best place for crypto miners now to enjoy their vocation  is the U.S.

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