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Bitcoin Sending Fee Viabtc Accelerators?

May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)

So I haven’t sent btc in a while.  I use a nano ledger s but back then used electrum.  I know back then… I believe when i used electrum, I would send with a very low fee.  Then I would go to viabtc accelerator site and put my transaction id and then it would do the transaction much faster for free of cost.  Now i know fees to send btc is pretty high now.

So if i want to send btc from my nano ledger s to a site or someone else… do you recommend doing the default fee which seem to cost around 20 dollars now?  Or send it with a very low fee… then use a site like viabtc to accelerate it?  Or it won’t work because too many people use those sites now?  Back then i recall you had to do it at the beginning of the hour and they only did x amount of transactions only.


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It really depends on you. Do you really need to get the transaction confirmed ASAP? Then maybe overpaying for fees is fine. But if it's a transaction where you don't mind waiting a full day? Definitely set in a very low fee.

P.S. Wallets are notorious for over-demanding for transaction fees, and $20 definitely is too much. As we speak right now, a 20sats/b transaction fee would get your transaction confirmed decently fast(probably in an hour or two, but definitely not instant).
2 days ago