Bitcoin Investors Face Risks Due to Market volatility

Bitcoin Investors Face Risks Due to Market volatility

The CEO of  MicroStrategy is one of those who think that buying btc to get profit from it within a short time is not an excellent investment idea.

Michael Saylor, the man in charge of MicroStrategy, has shared his opinion concerning how to invest in cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

About the risks associated with Bitcoin’s market, he said those who enter the market just to get profit within a short time are the ones who cry a lot.

Just like other seasoned traders advise, Saylor beckons on crypto traders to stake only what they don’t mind losing assuming the market doesn’t go in their favour. The CEO also cautioned against trading with sentiment and trying to give forecasts to other traders who want quick returns.

Saylor also took the opportunity to comment on the numerous regulations for the crypto space, saying that they are not really helpful because the regulatory bodies don’t stand with one voice.

Saylor still believes that compared to the USD and EUR, Bitcoin will never disappoint those who save it for the long term. He said:

“I’m looking at Bitcoin as the most distributed, strongest brand of a monetary asset in the world.”

Not too long ago, some questionnaires were shared among Bitcoin users so as to tell what they think about its future price in the short term. While 44% said yes to Bitcoin’s price going below $30,000, the others believed $30,000 is just the starting point for the cryptocurrency.

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