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This is what it says on website

The company works in three directions. ICO – sale of certain crypto units to investors, obtained by generating. Mining – rewarding digital coins for solving complex mathematical puzzles. Computer power is involved for calculations. Exchange – sale-exchange of one kind of cryptocurrency for another.

Our main advantages:

tremendous experience in Cryptocurrencies;
professional team of traders;
low transaction fees;
round-the-clock operation.

Our depositors can receive and passive income.After registration, each user becomes a full member of the referral program. Review

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Investment Plan3% - 4% daily for 30 Days
Alexa Traffic Rank465,388
StatusNot Paying

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I had earlier invested with a similar scam company and it was such a terrible ordeal, they almost made away with my investment until i had to employ the services of who helped me recoup my money to the very last penny, i had my initial investment back with accrued interest. you can also reach out to them via Support
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Just like girali, they all have same plot of making you believe all was good until they show you their true colors. I am writing from experience and it hurts to see this people get away with with. I will only advice you do the needful if you ever find your self in such situations .Ever Since i was introduced to, and i took my chances and mailed them via to help recover my money from them, To God be the glory i was able to recover my funds with accrued interest. I hope people get to open their eyes to the lies been portrayed by this brokers.
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