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The Beowulfchain

The Beowulfchain is the ecosystem of the software wallet and manet. The beowolf software wallet is developed with the aim of connecting people around the world through the decentralized communication platforms. The wallet currently supports two tokens and they include the W coin and the Beowolf token itself.

What is the beowulf token.

The Beowulfchain coin also known as the BWF coin is the native token for the Beowulf blockchain and wallet. According to their website, the beowulf coin represents the stakeholding of supernodes just for mining activities on the blockchain and currently the coin is traded on bittrex exchange. The BWF coin is also very useful in the Defiato platform where users stake their coins for a particular interest within a particular period of time. Let’s also look at the W coin.

The Role Of The Wcoin

The wcoin is a stable coin like the DAI, Tether or any of the stable coins in the crypto market and it’s also limited in the blockchain. It’s used only in the beowulf blockchain and therefore not traded in the market.

Without the Wcoin too you can’t transact in the beowulf wallet. This has been a very big problem for many users of the wallet since they can’t move their funds freely in the wallet. But there are some ways you can get the wcoin to finance your transactions.

How To Get The Wcoin.

Currently there are two ways you can get the Wcoin and finance your transactions in the blockchain. The first one is by mining the Wcoin on the beowulf blockchain. The beowulf blockchain made it possible for users to mine the stable coin “Wcoin” right in their blockchain to make things easier but I don’t think users find it easy to mine the coin like they expected.

The second way to get the Wcoin is by swapping it on Defiato, a staking platform that partnered with the beowulf blockchain. The current swap pair is one Wcoin=one Usd coin. The minimum withdrawal from the Defiato platform is 10 Wcoins and that means you have to swap at least $10 worth. Users are using this method to get Wcoin than the first method l listed above.

Coins Currently Supported By The Beowulf Wallet.

Currently the beowulf wallet only supports its native tokens and they are the BWF coin and the Wcoin. But they have plans to extend the number of coins in the coming future.

Referral program

The beowulf wallet currently don’t have any affiliate program and any one can join HERE

Also note that the Wallet currently is supported on the desktop computer only, there isn’t any Mobile version available yet.

Is paying, legit or scam?

The current status of is New. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience. You can post your proof of payments too.

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