Beeple Starts Platform With Backing From Industry Giants

Beeple Starts Platform With Backing From Industry Giants

Beeple is the nom de plume of the digital artist; Mike Winkelmann, who has aided the launch of a new platform. The latest platform tagged will be employed for sales of notable times remembered and enjoyed by people captured in different fields. The forum will capture the significant periods as it concerns government affairs, sports and fashion and sell them off as non-fungible tokens.

The scheme has garnered support from renowned establishments in different sectors ranging from music, sports and media. The firms are Warner music group,Time, Universal and the likes. will have their auctioning sales on Ethereum-powered NFTs.

Beeple who is rated as the non-fungible token artist that collects the highest pay has expressed his enthusiasm, stating that the new scheme will bring about a major shift as regards ways significant events are marked. According to him, the platform will provide the populace another opportunity to enjoy those precious moments that mean a lot to them. According to his online post on 24th June, the platform was the latest scheme with focus on providing the means for people to enjoy those cherished moments in their choice areas of interest. This however is made a reality using the blockchain technology.

Non-fungible tokens that will be marketed on the platform will enable people to get physical historical art objects. It will also give room for people to meet their favourite celebrities in different fields. The first public sales on the new forum will hold from 2nd to 5th of July giving out celebratory tokens of tennis icon, Andy Murray, in his 2013 victory. The person who eventually bids the highest and buys will be given the opportunity to play tennis with above-mentioned icon and will also be given tickets to the 2022 Wimbledon finals for men.

In February this year, Beeple sold his Crossroad non-fungible tokens for $6.6 million via auction and in March he made another $69 million from selling his Everydays: the First 5000 Days.


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