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From 2010 to 2015, turned out to be the most extraordinary and highly profitable years for our trading team, as we were engaged in Forex Trading, simply utilizing only our personal/individual funds.

This remarkable accomplishment gave massive growth to our Forex Trading skills, and was an eye-opener for us, with an idea to step into the “Corporate Fund Management” activity.

As a result, from mid-2015 to mid-2021 our very same trading team has profitably managed over 100 USD Million funds, for more than 200 institutional clients, from over 20 European Countries.

And now from August 2021, we have stepped into the retail market with a vision to look after and provide benefits of our experience and expertise to the common investors and traders too.

With ‘Sustainability’ at the core, we offer a wide array of investment and services for individuals and corporates including microfinance and major financial institutions. Review

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Investment Plan1% daily until 200%
Alexa Traffic Rank897,408

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