Barkley, an NFL Star, Says Saving Endorsements in BTC is Necessary to Create a Legacy

Barkley, an NFL Star, Says Saving Endorsements in BTC is Necessary to Create a Legacy

Saquon Barkley is changing 100% of his endorsements to Bitcoin. He said his first decision to use Bitcoin came after he learnt about inflation.

A member of the National Football League (NFL) has announced his interest in changing every endorsement he gets into BTC.

Barkley is well known in the sports. He won an award three years ago as the offensive rookie of the year. He is now with the New York Giants where he performs effectively as a running back. The New York Giants team is supported by Grayscale.

Some hours ago, Barkley had an interview with Anthony Pompliano. It was during the interview he opened up that BTC was better for him to guard against inflation. He said:
“We’re seeing inflation and we’re learning you can’t save wealth. That’s why I am going to be taking my marketing money in Bitcoin.”

As Barkley spoke during the interview, Jack Mallers who is the chief executive of Strike appeared on the scene. As he entered, Barkley gave credit to him as the one that thought him about the importance of saving in Bitcoins. It was also Mallers that helped convinced El Salvador to start using BTC.

One of the steps taken so far towards changing his endorsements to BTC is creating a Strike account where his monies will enter and quickly be changed into BTC.

Barkley feels this is what he must do to create long-lasting wealth for his generation just like his seniors in the sports did when they created a legacy for their families by saving big. Those people include Lebron James who played for LA Lakers and Tom Brady who was at Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He is happy to sign endorsements since his salary with the NFL isn’t that much and besides, he perceives that he may soon end his career due to injury.

Mallers spoke during the interview to encourage new investors to buy bitcoin because it pays.

Apart from Barkley, another person in the NFL by the name, Russell Okung, is also changing part of his money into BTC through Strike as well.


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