AZ team plans to pay footballers in Bitcoin

AZ team plans to pay footballers in Bitcoin

The Dutch Football Team in the Netherlands, known as AZ Alkmaar, is ready to be recorded as the number one standard team to settle the wages of footballers in BTC.

According to a comment released yesterday on the team’s website, the Eredivisie side, that took the 3rd position in the just concluded league, disclosed that the Bitcoin Meester is its sole and authorized crypto partner till the next two years.

Based on the comment, the support arrangement will be concluded in BTC, with the team revealing its motives to maintain the Bitcoin sum on its record. According to a report, AZ Alkmaar will soon start to settle the wages of its team members in BTC, adding to the number of clubs that have embraced Bitcoin as a means of payment.

According to Michael Koster, the team’s conclusion to embrace Bitcoin is due to the allure of BTC and other cryptocurrencies that can not be denied. He noted that the crypto industry is flourishing, experiencing a geometric increase in the number of traders. He also noted that establishments that are not crypto-oriented need the help of crypto firms like Bitcoin Meester, which is among the authorized exchanges by the central bank of Dutch.

In the Netherlands, dialogues concerning cryptocurrency policies seem to be dominant among regulators. Recently, a government authority requested a total prohibition of BTC transactions.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are now highly involved in a partnership with athletic clubs to be recognized and to improve their business. Recently, disclosed its collaboration with Formula 1.

Major sports groups and prominent athletes in the U.S. are also joining the cryptocurrency operations. Last month, Tom Brady had a crypto partnership deal with a prominent firm, FTX.


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