Attendees to Bitcoin 2021 are Testing Positive to the Novel Corona Virus

Attendees to Bitcoin 2021 are Testing Positive to the Novel Corona Virus

The Bitcoin 2021 conference has come and gone but there are many reasons not to forget it in a hurry. During the event, COVID-19 protocols were not strictly adhered to and days after, those who attended are testing positive to the virus. The major concern now is that carriers may spread the virus far and wide and there may be another epidemic. Examples of those who have made public their fears are Bloomberg and Gizmodo.

One of those who have tested positive is Eric Wall, the CIO at Arcane Research. He decided to go for the test when he noticed he was febrile and pains occurred frequently around his chest. The suspicion was that some blood may have formed clumps in his lungs. Fortunately, the suspicion was wrong after investigations.

Another person that just contracted the virus is Luke Martin who works at a software developing company known as Coinist.
CNBC revealed that nothing less than 12,000 people were at the conference but COVID-19 protocols were not strictly applied. It was a meeting with people having close contact with one another for three days.

There hadn’t been any big event in Miami since COVID-19 broke out before the Bitcoin conference. Those who covered the event recall that there were long queues at the doors. The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, who is known for supporting Bitcoin, was also in attendance.

On the social media, the number of people said to have attended and contracted the virus is higher than what the news agencies proclaim. For example, according to Mr Whale, not less than 50,000 people were there.

One of the most cogent results is that tweeted by Dylan LeClair who happens to be the one that organized the event. Since his tweet went viral, people have bothered less about what the CDC carried about the event.

What’s happening now looks similar to the aftermath of the ETHLondon hackathon that took place last year. Those that attended that event were encouraged to go for a test after it was discovered that Zhen Yo Yong of TorusLabs tested posted.


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