Athena is Getting Ready to Send 1500 Bitcoin ATMs to El Salvador

Athena is Getting Ready to Send 1500 Bitcoin ATMs to El Salvador

Getting Bitcoin will soon be easy for residents of El Savador.

According to someone who works at Athena, the company is getting ready to send 1,500 BTC ATMs to the country in support of its support for the cryptocurrency.

The shipment will be gradual starting from a few numbers just to make sure it is welcome. Athena says it wants to spend about $1 million in giving out crypto ATMs and places where residents get money from other countries will be first considered.

Apart from sending the ATMs, Athena also plans to employ people who will service the ATMs in El Savador.

Presently, there are two crypto ATMs from Athena in the country. The areas enjoying them are El Zonte beach and El Tunco. This was revealed by CNN.

The man in control of Latin America for Athena, Matias Goldenhorn, disclosed to Reuters that President Bukele tasked the firm to provide up to 1,500 ATMs. Matias agreed it was a big work to be done but the  target would be achieved by providing the machines in bits.

Athena’s interest in sending ATMs to El Savador arose when it learned of the country’s proposal to adopt BTC as a legal tender. Athena first made a proposal to deliver 1000 ATMs but the president opined for something more.

Goldenhorn says only a few will be sent at a time to test the business model in the country since it is quite different from what is obtainable in the U.S. which already has over 19,000 BTC ATMs.

El Savador has already taken its request to the World Bank asking for help in pushing its plans to make BTC the brain behind its economy but the World Bank turned down the request based on the fact that it would cause a decline in accountability and safety in the environment.

Apart from the World Bank, an opposition party and its supporters have clearly registered their disapproval for the adoption of Bitcoin as their legal tender.


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