Argo Blockchain Aims For Nasdaq List.

Argo Blockchain Aims For Nasdaq List.

Argo Blockchain was the first blockchain company to make the London Stock Exchange list. Currently, the blockchain firm aims at being on the Nasdaq list. In their Tuesday announcement, the firm stated that they were looking at the probability of securing a secondary listing with Nasdaq.

According to the blockchain company, there is yet no specific date to achieve the targeted goal. They said that there is no surety as regards the time in which the listing deal will be sealed. This is because listing is dependent on other factors and no one can categorically state when it would be finalized.

According to recent information from the blockchain company, the firm has created 167 new Bitcoins with $4.4 million which is equivalent to $6 million accruing to the firm from the mining venture. The mining exercise yielded dividend rated at 78%. In line with their announcement, the total Bitcoin mined from the beginning of the year till now is 883. The firm however plans to have up to 1,286 Bitcoin before the month expires.

In the words of the chief executive officer of Argo, the cryptocurrency ecosystem was confronted with difficulties last month. This was due to the massive exodus of mining firms from China following the Clampdown on mining in the country. This led to decline in the mining hashrate. However, the blockchain company said it has continued to record progress against all odds.

As stated earlier, the blockchain firm was the first crypto mining enterprise to make the London Stock Exchange list in 2018 with more than 159 million ordinary shares listed at 16 British pence per share which is equal to $0.22. The stock has experienced exponential growth since the listing. TradingView stated that in February, it peaked to 280 pounds which is equal to $387.



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