An artificial research lab works with IOTA to launch an IoT system

An artificial research lab works with IOTA to launch an IoT system

IOTA, a blockchain network, will be working in collaboration with, an artificial intelligence research lab, to establish an avenue for a regulated data distribution among connected facilities, as a preparation for the launching of the Internet of Things (IoT) functionalities. According to the Chief Executive Officer of, Humayun Sheikh, the principal objective of the project is to allow distributed regulation over data and avoid over-dependence on a centralized network.

The collaboration was disclosed today and is meant to enable divisions like mobility, finance, energy, and many others to make use of auto-programmed data transfer over IoT systems. The local Tangle technology of IOTA will aid to make payments safe and enhance interaction among components.

Sheikh noted that there are lots of collaborations based on the privacy of shared data, but theirs will also include financial gain for stakeholders through independent financial tools without affecting data secrecy. He added that allowing these tools to execute important financial duty for people, firms, exchanges, and other groups will hasten the acceptance of the independent tools and IOTA Streams which will enable them to interact with intricacy over industries like mobility and many others. portrayed the independent financial agents as Artificial Intelligence networks functioning on behalf of the owner, having little or no constraint, and aimed to generate financial gain for the person that owns it. It also stated that the collaboration will reveal substantial areas in need of AI and data transfer. The partnership is also going to enhance flexible urban planning through the evaluation of data streams, providing remedies to the urban population, and dividing data silos.

The system is also needed in this period of Covid-19 to manage the pandemic by giving information through independent financial agents.

During the bull market four years ago, IOTA was regarded to be among the hopeful crypto projects. Although such consideration has declined along the line, as reflected by the fall of the MIOTA token,  the project seems to have gained ground due to the release of the Nectar DevNet at the beginning of June. The DevNet 2.0 opens the door for a completely decentralized Tangible system.


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