A British scientist plans to roup sale the tokenized format of  WWW 

A British scientist plans to roup sale the tokenized format of  WWW 

Tim Berners-Lee, a sixty-five-year-old computer scientist in Britain, is making the WWW code as a nonfungible token via Sotheby’s, an expensive auction arena. Tim is also the person that wrote the actual source code of the World Wide Web (WWW). Portraying nonfungible tokens as the best process of license in existence, the scientist plans to release the data within next week.

Based on today’s broadcast from the auction platform, the WWW nonfungible token will be released by Sotheby’s for auctions resuming next week Wednesday. Contesting to buy the token dubbed ‘This Changed Everything’  will begin at a thousand dollars. The NFT contains an official document that has the code.

The code of approximately ten thousand lines, written with Python, has the implementations of the Hypertext Markup Language, Hypertext Transfer Protocol, and Uniform Resource Locator codes and protocols. It was initially written in 1989 before the inception of Amazon, browsers, or memes that can be shared.

According to Tim, NFTs are the most recent mischievous inventions in the area of advancement in technology, also the best and suited process of ownership in existence, and the perfect manner to package the inceptions behind the WWW.

Tim did not conceal the WWW code invention, he instead made it open to the public, which probably made his net worth to be approximately ten million dollars, instead of reaching up to trillions or even quadrillions. According to the roup sale house, the entire earnings from the auction will be used for innovations that Tim and his wife are in support of.

The auction platform is evidently prominent for great nonfungible token roup sales. Three months ago, it broadcasted that it is going to give tokenized craft by Pak. Previously, its saleroom in London marketed a CryptoPunk that is worth about eleven million eight hundred thousand dollars, which is the first time in history for such artwork.


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