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3C.Exchange Review

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About 3C.Exchange

3C.Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in 2019. This is powered by “3Commas” which is the first broker partner of Binance, the world’s largest exchange platform.


3C.Exchange is a simple exchange platform, and joining it is also simple, (just like joining a social media platform); users need only an email and a password for their account to register at 3C.Exchange, nothing else is asked in this platform while sign-up.


There is no information available in the site expect some basic info; there is no FAQ or ToS or Privacy Policy is mentioned anywhere in the platform’s website. The main working features and facilities are as follows :-

Smart features:

– This platform has both Exchange wallet and Future wallet. This platform also offer 100% automatic bots, which are controlled by user’s trading strategies with smart features like Take Profit & Stop Loss, these helps traders to make possible benefit or stop at affordable loss.

Trading Algorithmic:

– There are three bots in this feature – Gordon, Advanced and Grid. Users can set “Conservative”, “Moderate” or “Aggressive” strategies for trading under Gordon bot, which respectively are the strategies of safe trading with slow gains, low-risk moderate trading, and high-risk fast trading. Advanced bot help users to customize the trading settings, this helps users to set their own conditions including the take profit, safety orders, stop loss, price deviations etc. Grid bot is for sideways trading, it has both Artificial Intelligence and manual setting by other grid providers for trading.


– The platform’s dashboard enables the user to control and manage all aspects that are necessary for their trading activities; such as smart trade, portfolio of crypto, bot etc. Trades can be tracked and monitored through the dashboard, users can also easily make deposits and withdrawals.

Wide Reach:

– Since this platform is a partner of Binance, it allows crypto traders to take advantage of Binance’s liquidity, market depth; trading can be done at any volume only for trading fees, and no other costs, transfer between 3C.Exchange and Binance are also considered internal transfers.



– The platform also alerts for trading by email, SMS, audio signal, popup. Trading bots can also be managed by custom setting this alert with trading indicators.


– This platform also host charts for trading, such charts come with multiple technical analysis tools and view modes.


– 3C.Exchange has its own Telegram channel to provide necessary support and up-to-date information.


– The platform guarantees advanced security for deposit, trading, withdrawal, and protection of the funds in users’ account.

Is 3C.Exchange paying, legit or scam?

The current status of 3C.Exchange is New. Please let us know in the comment section about your experience. You can post your proof of payments too.

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